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Welcome to Zaworks!

We are a creative design and art studio specialising in murals, art installations, digital wallpapers, and canvases. We are passionate about transforming your space into a visually stunning and one-of-a-kind work of art.


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    Does Zahabiyah paint alone or with a team of artists?

    Zahabiyah is present on almost all projects, but she works with artists who specialize in different styles of art. They accompany her on different projects as needed.

    How do we calculate rates for wall murals?

    We calculate rates per square foot.

    How do we calculate rates for wallpapers?

    We calculate rates per square foot for printing and pasting. Design charges are based on the project’s brief and deliverables.

    How long does it take to complete 100 square feet of wall?

    It takes approximately 4-5 days to complete 100 square feet of wall.

    What is our process for working on projects?

    We start by gaining a deep understanding of your brief and the purpose of the art. Once a concept is mutually finalized, we take 50% advance to move to our design stage where we provide a detailed digital vision of the design and colors. Once everything is approved, we start painting the mural or begin the installation process. If required, we also make samples for new art styles or materials.

    At what stage do we come in?

    We typically come in at the last stage of the process when all carpentry and painting work of the interiors is completed.

    What is the required wall preparation?

    The wall should have basic lambi and primer completed, with two coats of water-based white on the surface.

    What paints do we use?

    We use high-grade artist paints.

    How long will our murals last?

    Our murals will last as long as your walls are standing.

    Do we require a protective coat or varnish?

    We do not varnish our walls as the paints we use are of extremely high grade. However, varnishing can be done at an extra cost.

    How should the wall mural be maintained?

    There is absolutely zero maintenance involved. However, if you wish to clean the surface, it can be done so with a damp cloth.

    What sizes of custom canvas do we offer?

    We offer custom sizes for all canvas work.