Masti Cyprus

Za Works, Creative Design and Art Studio have created custom canvas art for Masti, an Indian-inspired restaurant in Cyprus. Themed around the traditional culture of Punjab, the unique art accentuates the rich cultural heritage of the region while adding a modern twist. The four canvas paintings feature a girl wearing modern jewellery, a Punjabi man in traditional clothes, a tiger in pink colour and a tribute to the tragic love story of Heer and Ranja. Additionally, the fourth canvas features Alexandra the Great, a nod to the European crowd that frequents the restaurant. The canvas wall painting has been created in a transitional style of painting, blending the traditional and modern elements to create something unique and eye-catching. It is sure to bring an element of Indian culture to any space.

Are you ready to make a statement in any space with a stunning canvas painting? Look no further!

To make this painting your own or to discuss a custom creation, please get in touch with us. We can’t wait to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life!

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