The Digital Art Installation created by Zaworks, a creative design studio,  is a stunning piece of art that showcases the power of digital design. Crafted from scratch using cutting-edge software and techniques, the wallpaper design features a lush green and vibrant colour palette, creating a tropical theme that is both soothing and invigorating. The most impressive aspect of the artwork is the intricate mosaic pattern that is created by the careful combination of opaque and frosted printing sheets.
The leaves are printed on an opaque sheet, while the background is printed on a frosted sheet, resulting in a unique and eye-catching contrast that draws the eye in. The installation artwork is reminiscent of traditional mosaic art, which is made of individual tiles which come together to create a larger, cohesive whole that is both timeless and modern. Thanks to its innovative design, the artwork can be printed as a wallpaper, allowing it to transform any space into a tropical paradise. Overall, the Digital Art Wallpaper is a true testament to the power of modern digital design.

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