Through our collaboration with SKD Studio and DY Patil International, the canteen at ADP League School has been reshaped into a vibrant slice of the Amazon Rainforest. The magical mural that now covers the ceiling and entrance boasts rich colors, from dark tones evoking the mysterious ambiance of the jungle to bright hues showcasing its diverse flora and fauna. Created in a playful crayon-style, the characters featured in the mural range from colorful birds to fierce alligators and peculiar insects, setting a whimsical tone for the young students. This artwork goes beyond mere decoration; it immerses them in an unforgettable dining experience, as if they were enjoying a meal in the heart of the rainforest itself.
Although most ceilings are plain, this one stands out due to its unique addition of wallpaper. As soon as you enter the canteen, you’ll be drawn to the bookstand on the entrance wall, offering a selection of reading materials for students to enjoy while dining. Our talented artists have creatively incorporated this same wallpaper into the circular entrance of the canteen, adding an artistic touch. In collaboration with DY and Saniya, our goal is to infuse the canteen with a lively and vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a rainforest adventure.

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