Have you visited the JW Marriott in Mumbai?

If so, you’d be welcomed by an amazing piece of wall mural art. We Za Works, a creative design studio, worked our creative magic and transformed the white cafe walls into an eye-catching piece of abstract line work that is interesting enough for their most loyal customers, yet subtle enough to blend in with the rest of the space.

We started off with a main brief from the client to brighten up the walls using a minimal mural design. It was extremely crucial to get the balance between design and minimalism just right so that the whole space looked cohesive and the artwork fit right in. After numerous iterations, the team at Zaworks settled on an uncomplicated art style that blended in seamlessly: Abstract Line Work. A style that appeals to art lovers and non-art lovers alike.





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The bakery space was clean, cohesive and white. The main brief by the clients was to liven up the dull space with a minimal, fuss free mural painting design.

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After several iterations and brainstorming, we decided on an abstract art style. One that can speak to all types of people – from art aficionados to the ones who stay indifferent. The simple art style worked perfectly with the cafe interiors and looked as though it had always been a part of the space.

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Inspired by elements from around the café and bakery, the minimalist artwork came to life in shades of grey, white and brown. It fits cohesively into the larger hotel space whilst adding subtle, yet eye-catching elements that are sure to be appreciated by all!

Our team of mural artists were inspired by the elements in and around the space—from the coffee machine to the bakery oven. The colours used were high-toned and earthy like white, shades of grey and brown that added a touch of sophistication to the wall murals. The end result? An abstract piece of wall artwork that looks like it belongs only in this space. It’s eye-catching yet subtle, interesting enough not to get mundane and blended in with the rest of the interiors seamlessly. Even the most loyal customer would be surprised and delighted to see something new every time they visited!

The dull white walls at the cafe at JW Marriot are no more! Our wall mural painting worked perfectly to elevate the space and make it stand out from the rest. At Zaworks, we strive to create art that’s both visually stunning and timeless, and the wall murals at the cafe at JW Marriott is no exception. So why not drop by the hotel for your next coffee and enjoy the unique art experience? You won’t be disappointed!

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