The artwork is featured on a 40-foot-long wall of a real estate gallery. The mural painting is designed to give a serene look to the gallery and bring life to the room. It is not just a space for discussion but a room for the clients to imagine their future homes.


Suryam Developers wanted us to give their clients a peek into their By the Waters project through their gallery, therefore we opted for an abstract top-view scenario. The blue ripple is the main focal point of the painting from where the waves begin taking the viewers away from the bustling city of Ahmedabad to the beauty of nature. We chose a color palette with ocean blues, sandy beiges and lush greens to achieve this idea.


A few careful strokes and details can tell a story worth listening to. The blue ripple is created with the help of a white cement-based material to give a 3D effect. We decided to focus on different sizes of the elements to create depth and perspective, and we gave the waves some texture to enhance the look of the painting. We threw in some islands and kayaks to keep things interesting – as every story needs a few characters.

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