Step through the doorway of Craycraft, and prepare to be swept away by a vibrant symphony of flavors and culture. Forget ordinary canvases – here, a colossal 1200 sq ft transforms into a living tapestry of Mexican heritage, rendered in the style of Otomi art. Inspired by Kelly Wearstler’s audacious spirit, these murals are not mere decorations; they are pulsating narratives woven in every stroke, every flourish, every color. Imagine a space alive with untamed spirit, courage, and daring—a genuine expression of the bold vision inspiring our creation. Teaming up with the Interior Designer, we crafted a design featuring playful butterflies subtly emerging from concealed corners and majestic cheetahs circling the bar area adding a fun element to the space. Our Muralists meticulously brought each intricate detail to life with precise strokes, capturing the essence of wildness and bravery. The Otomi influence, with its imperfect brushstrokes and symbolic animal motifs, whispers tales of nature and culture.





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CrayCraft is a Restaurant that focuses on Modern Indian Cuisine. We created an entire mural on different spaces from ceiling to walls of this restaurant where every corner speaks a tale of culture.

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The Client wanted the space to have a wild, brave, and courageous atmosphere. So our vision revolved around that concept. We added majestic animals like tigers and cheetahs, embodying the spirit of the client’s vision. This vibrant masterpiece also celebrates the rich tapestry of Mexican Heritage. Embark on a visual journey that transcends boundaries.

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Drawing from the influential style of Kelly Wearstler. We used Otomi art style infused with muted undertones to design this mural. We painted the textured walls with water colors to make the painting look muted and soft.

This art style was infused with textures and imperfect strokes, using the watercolor effect to blend shades and other elements throughout the entire artwork. Exaggerated animals strategically placed near the bar inject a touch of playful whimsy, maintaining continuity in the narrative.As you gaze upwards, the headroom itself becomes a blend of dreams and Reality. The Otomi art style is known for its bright colors, but we’ve infused our creation with Muted undertones to give the Feeling of Warmth, which fits seamlessly into the Space and people can admire the food while looking at the Art. This immersive experience extends beyond the visual. The murals serve as an open book, each nook and cranny telling a unique tale of Mexican heritage. Walls, dressed in texture, became a canvas which whispers amidst the artwork. As you savor the delectable modern Indian cuisine, let the bold notes of your carefully crafted cocktail echo the fiery spirit of the murals. So come and lose yourself in the artistry of Craycraft. Let these murals remind you that a canvas can be much more than a silent echo of brushstrokes. This is an ode to tradition, and a testament to the power of art to tell stories that linger long after the last bite is savored.

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