Welcome to La Panthera, where we invite you on a visual safari through the untamed wilderness of the human spirit. Our artwork serves as a portal, beckoning you to explore the depths of your inner beast.

At the heart of it all, two central circles command attention:

First is the man, embodying the courage and determination driving your wildest dreams. He’s the embodiment of assertiveness, pushing you beyond boundaries.
Then, the woman represents the fiery passion and untamed spirit that fuel your deepest desires. She’s the intuitive force igniting your inner fire.
But hold your horses! These circles aren’t playing solo; they’re two sides of the same wild coin, offering different perspectives on the raw power within.

Around them unfolds a tapestry of artistic elements, a vibrant celebration of life’s twists and turns. Think of it as a visual diary, chronicling the thoughts, fears, and dreams that shape our journeys.

Keep an eye out for the subtle details, like the blue corners, symbolizing our steadfast supporters and guardians. They’re the wind beneath our wings, lifting us higher on our adventures.

And don’t overlook the borders and background, with their quirks and imperfections. They remind us that life is messy, but it’s the sum of our experiences that makes us beautifully unique.

So, kick back, relax, and let La Panthera be your sanctuary. It’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a place to reconnect with your inner beast, celebrate your strengths, and toast to the wild ride we call life.

At La Panthera, the canvas pulses with the raw essence of the human spirit. Prepare to be whisked into a visual odyssey, where each stroke unveils the untamed depths of your soul. This is just a glimpse of what’s to come, a tantalizing reveal with much more detail waiting to unfold!


Mickee Tuljapurkar & Manuel Olveira



New Project (17)


La Panthera is not just a restaurant; it’s a den of Modern European delights. Our mural doesn’t just decorate the walls; it whispers tales of chic European sophistication. Stretching across a vast expanse of the room, it’s not just art; it’s a bold proclamation of courage, strength, and passion.

New Project (15)


Our client didn’t just want a place to dine; they craved an atmosphere dripping with power and elegance. So naturally, we infused our design with a dash of courage and a pinch of untamed spirit. Those two central circles? They’re like the yin and yang of wildness, offering a dual perspective on the raw power simmering within.

New Project (16)


In this modern art piece, we embrace the mid-century European aesthetic of Baroque art, renowned for its capacity to incorporate boundless details while retaining an element of ambiguity and irregularity, echoing the notion of finding beauty within imperfections. While the colors serve as a major focal point, it’s the intricate details that command attention. Our deliberate selection of muted greys punctuated with vibrant accents of orange and yellow yields a fascinating composition, infusing the restaurant’s ambiance with a touch of sophistication.

This art style was infused with textures and imperfect strokes, using the watercolor effect to blend shades and other elements throughout the entire artwork. Exaggerated animals strategically placed near the bar inject a touch of playful whimsy, maintaining continuity in the narrative.As you gaze upwards, the headroom itself becomes a blend of dreams and Reality. The Otomi art style is known for its bright colors, but we’ve infused our creation with Muted undertones to give the Feeling of Warmth, which fits seamlessly into the Space and people can admire the food while looking at the Art. This immersive experience extends beyond the visual. The murals serve as an open book, each nook and cranny telling a unique tale of Mexican heritage. Walls, dressed in texture, became a canvas which whispers amidst the artwork. As you savor the delectable modern Indian cuisine, let the bold notes of your carefully crafted cocktail echo the fiery spirit of the murals. So come and lose yourself in the artistry of Craycraft. Let these murals remind you that a canvas can be much more than a silent echo of brushstrokes. This is an ode to tradition, and a testament to the power of art to tell stories that linger long after the last bite is savored.

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