Welcome to Za Works, a Creative Design and Art Studio specialising in creating beautiful and unique art installations. Our latest work is a stunning wall-mounted installation for a luxury watch boutique.

The client wanted a subtle way to create branding, and nothing seemed better than clock faces for a clock store! Crafted with 90 clock circles made of acrylic, this wall art installation creates a subtle but powerful branding for the store.





Our team of experienced technical artists and designers crafted this hanging art installation with great care, ensuring that all the screws, hooks and fittings are completely hidden from view. The clocks were secured to a transparent acrylic sheet and four clocks in the corners hold the sheet to the wall. The clock circles show the time, as well as spell the name of the store, in a unique and eye-catching design. The theme of this art installation was derived from the idea of timekeeping, perfect for a store that sells premium watch brands. The white wall with a white installation was an ideal way for us to keep it minimal, yet still make an impactful statement. This art installation will attract customers to the watch store and create a lasting impression.

We take pride in our attention to detail, and our goal is to create unique, one-of-a-kind art installations and experiences for our clients and their customers. If you’re looking for a creative design studio to create stunning art installations, contact us today!


The luxury watch boutique wanted a minimal way to showcase their name in the store – an area that is also open to public events. They wanted it to fit seamlessly into the space, whilst still making the installation memorable and providing recall value.


At Za Works we specialise in creating art installations that capture the essence of a brand. For our project for a luxury watch boutique, we used 90 clock circles to create an eye-catching wall art installation. The client wanted a subtle way to create branding, and nothing was better than the classic design of clock faces.


 We crafted the hanging art installation out of acrylics, in such a way that no screws, hooks, or fittings are visible on the wall. The white wall with a white installation was the perfect way to keep it subtle yet impactful. The four clock faces in the corner were used to hold the sheet and the wall together, creating a seamless look.

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