Za Works, a Creative Design and Art Studio, is proud to present our stunning art installation for the den room of a private home. We collaborated with Design Hex to create a one-of-a-kind 17’ wall art installation that spanned the entire wall, subtly highlighting it and fitting in seamlessly with the interiors of the room.





As the client has a deep love for music and this was the TV & music room, we were inspired by sound! We took sound waves as the base shape and added a curvature to it, creating a rhythmic pattern that blended effortlessly with the neutral interiors. The muted grey of the room, combined with the pops of blue from the cushions and the linear shapes of the carpet all fed into the design process. We used the neutral shade of the home wallpaper as the base for this artwork, adding in colour to certain areas. This minimal pop of colour was added through a shadow effect that we used on the peripheral of the entire installation. All the lines were individually spray painted and the installation was constructed in two parts which were seamlessly attached to the wall, making it almost impossible to tell where it was fixed from. 

We are confident that our art installation will highlight the wall and fit in seamlessly with the other interiors of the space. Experience a unique and captivating installation in your own home with us!


This one-of-a-kind piece is 17′ long and spans across the den, adding a subtle but eye-catching highlight to the wall. We used colours from the room as the base for this installation artwork. The muted grey interior of the room, along with pops of blues from the cushions and the line shapes on the carpet played a huge role in inspiring the design.


Inspired by sound and colour, we took sound waves as the base shape for the art installation design. Elements from the room including the grey walls, blue cushions, and carpet details were a major influence as well.

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