Takumi, meaning “artisan” or “craftsman” in Japanese, is a restaurant that seamlessly blends Japanese architectural traditions with modern aesthetics. Therefore, we channelled our inner Takumi to bring an artistic flair to the restaurant’s ambience.
Drawing inspiration from Japanese design principles, we have meticulously crafted a powerful and mystical atmosphere. The dark hues create an atmosphere of depth and intensity, symbolizing Japanese art. Every detail, from the ceiling to the bar area, has been thoughtfully curated to embody the powerful and mystical features of Japanese art and culture.
Our artistic vision comes to life through detailed art installations that cover the restaurant. Inspired by Chinese weaving patterns found in wind chimes, interlocked weave patterns cascade from the ceiling to envelop the walls, while a checkered wall on one side adds visual interest. The ceiling itself is painted with abstract strokes, some depicting Japanese letters, adding depth and character to the space.


Sumesh Menon



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Takumi, a restaurant that attracts its patrons to a den of mystical creatures which exudes a feeling of power and strength. It offered us a vast space to create magic. Our art installations decorate the walls and ceilings, welcoming visitors at the entrance, while our murals beautify the walls with a dark-themed aesthetic.

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Our vision was to infuse Japanese culture to the place but with a modern twist. Japanese Culture embodies a fusion of two distinct realms: one that symbolizes power, and strength through traditional art including dragons and tigers, and another that emphasizes simplicity, and peacefulness through its Zen philosophy. Therefore, we envisioned the place to have a taste of both worlds where the murals depict strength and courage with a dark-themed aesthetic while the sculpture evokes a sense of calmness and peace.

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We have worked with Chinese weaving patterns found in wind chimes, and a checkered patterned wall on one side to add visual interest. The ceiling is painted with abstract strokes, some depicting Japanese letters. The murals have been painted in shades of red and black to create a dark-themed aesthetic and have been inspired by Japanese traditional art.

At the entrance stands the striking “Lady in Red” sculpture, a symbol of welcome and elegance. Adorned with intricate details drawn from Asian and Japanese motifs, she holds a sword, embodying strength and tradition. Behind her, a shadow wall featuring the Enso symbol adds a touch of Zen philosophy to the ambience.
The murals decorating the walls depict mythical creatures like dragons and tigers, painted in shades of red and black to create a dark-themed aesthetic. This cohesive color palette ties the diverse elements of the artwork together, creating a seamless visual experience throughout the restaurant.

At Takumi, every aspect of the design is a testament to our dedication to creating an atmosphere that celebrates the beauty and serenity of Japanese craftsmanship

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