Za Works, Creative Design and Art Studio, has crafted a stunning art installation for the restaurant Lilt, using thread and artist paint to create a magical atmosphere. The installation is designed to bring out the rhythmical music that the restaurant is known for.  Inspired by the restaurant’s angular interiors and its beautiful name, we used simple material like thread to create seamless, elegant, geometric wall artwork. Each thread is hooked individually, giving an almost seamless look and creating an atmosphere of floating in thin air.

The artist paint is used to spray colourful accents on the installation, adding to the beauty and vibrancy of the piece. The installation artwork creates a captivating experience for diners, as the colours and shapes complemented the rhythmical music of swing and flow that can be heard throughout the restaurant. The overall effect is to bring a sense of rhythm and flow to the restaurant, creating an atmosphere of joy and relaxation.

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