Growing up, we all used to dream of living under the stars and meteors, with the universe as our playground. A place to explore, build, and create, with the night sky providing a beautiful backdrop to all our adventures. A place where we could be free, and explore the limits of our own imaginations. How wonderful it would be to be able to look up, and be surrounded by the stars, the meteors, astronauts and all the wonders of the night sky. And we have done just that!

Za Works Creative Design and Art Studio has crafted a fun, aspirational and whimsical starry night ceiling mural for a children’s bedroom. Our 100 sq ft. masterpiece is inspired by our little client’s love for astronauts and all things outer space, and is designed to give a never ending feeling of depth to the painted murals.






Za Works creative design studio brings you a one of a kind starry night ceiling mural for your little one’s bedroom. Inspired by their love for astronauts and space, this 100 sq ft mural art is designed to give a feeling of depth and infinite space.


We have designed the 3D mural art to give a never-ending feeling, with strategic use of big and small elements to make the ceiling seem much larger. We’ve added whimsical characters, spaceships and astronauts – all in bright pops of colour – to make the starry night look fun and inviting, while 3D cutouts add an extra dimension of realism and bring the starry night to life.


The interior designer also contributed to the overall look by keeping the room light and airy, with a few touches of minimalistic grey tones. She fitted the ceiling with starry LED lights to add depth and light to the mural. This worked beautifully with the dark blue ceiling and the bright pops of colour used on the various elements of the mural.

This mural painting design is filled with elements that bring the child’s dreams of outer space to life. Our mural artists have used painting techniques to create a 3D effect, making the ceiling look almost infinite. We have used painted 3D laser cutouts, as well as starry LED lights installed by the interior designer to add dimension and give the space an even more illuminated look. We strategically painted small and large elements to create an outer space world that looks 3 dimensional and larger than it is. The colours used in this 3D mural painting were carefully chosen to keep the room light, airy, and fun. A dark blue shade was used to add more depth to the mural art. The bright pops of colour on the elements stand out against the minimal grey tones in the room, making it a perfect starry night! We have added his favourite astronauts, spaceships, and whimsical creatures to make them look like aliens. This will be a source of endless imaginative fun and help him build a new story every day!

The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind ceiling mural art that will bring any child’s dreams to life. Let them explore the infinite possibilities of space – from astronauts and stars, to spaceships and aliens, from the comfort of their home! So, why not explore the stars on your very own starry night ceiling mural? Contact us today and make your child’s dreams come true.

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