BrewDog is an international pub chain that recently made its way to India! We, a creative design studio, are proud to work on the art aesthetics for this funk and punk place! For all of their outlets a unified underwater theme was chosen and our team created their own illustration style to go along with the visual aesthetics, creating an experience that flowed from one space to another!

At Za Works, we specialise in wall murals that are detailed, quirky, and full of vibrancy. We try to embrace and capture the essence & ethos of the brand and ensure it is present in all spaces of the brand. We are proud to have been associated with this project that spans multiple places and venues. So come, take a dive into this underwater world and embark on a voyage to the depths of the sea with Za Works and BrewDog!






The Delhi outlet has a 700 sq ft wall that is spray painted with dark teal as the background and a contrasting red octopus with its whimsical tentacles. The mural art painting focuses solely on the tentacles, along with a mix of  fish with bizarre, grotesque looking teeth. The display of the restaurant’s dishes balances the design to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. The mural artists opt for shades of turquoise to create an underwater immersive experience.


Head to the Chandigarh outlet to witness two artworks designed by Za Works. Here the mural painting design covers the entire wall with a split composition that helps the viewer read the picture easily due to its contrast. The composition includes elements such as tentacles, two fishes drinking beer at a table, jellyfish and the presence of red and teal colours. The mural art reads as a whole, but also when viewed as individual panels it still tells a story about the brand. In the design the central octopus connects the whole painting with its tentacles overlapping into each of the individual panels, creating a cohesive experience. The second artwork is an extension wall that serves as a continuation of the main wall and has similar tentacle motifs, along with other elements like sword fish and an anchor to truly give the space an under the sea feel.


Our wall mural art for Brewdog’s Mumbai outlet features a cool colour scheme and is done using spray paints and acrylic artist paints. All the elements create an interesting visual story, and the colours and texture give the wall mural painting a unique look. It has a blend of cool blues, purples and greens, which are on a white and grey background, making the finished work look even more vivid. The details of octopus tentacles & the sea bed are carefully crafted to make sure that it looks realistic and is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on visitors!

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